Insurance, medical, fashion, food deliveries, digital... It doesn't matter what you sell.
Reach potential millions of clients in more than 180+ countries just in 1 click!

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Trusted by thousands of people and companies worldwide
Generating 100,000+ Leads

"Thank's to Gleads platform and their mass market method, we doubled our monthly revenue, in half of the budget, Amazing."


The #1 tool to GROW your business

STOP wasting money on old and inefficient marketing campaigns, No more thousands of $$$ going to waste on email newsletters and paid google or social marketing


We have data of more than of 700M potential clients from all around the world, in more than 180+ countries


For the lowest cost in the industry you can try our mass way marketing method. Send your landing page link to 100,000+ potential clients and see your revenue grow. You just need to pick the country ! Amazing !


Don't spam your clients and don't waste your time on call leads.


data of 700 million buinesses worldwide


18.8 million leads generated for our clients so far


active campaigns in more than 180 countries

Create Your Campaign

With our special solution its easy to see data about businesses worldwide and create targeted campaign to achieve the most efficient leads.

Make your schedule

Plan your campaigns with daily/hourly/repeating or continuous modes.

Choose country & language

Make your campaign feel personal,just choose your countries and languages.

Start now

The #1 tool for creating stunning marketing

Use text that make your campaign feel more personal and natural.

This is essential to increase responses. You may have sent a great message to a client letting them know about a big sale or promotion, but if you didn’t tell them what to do (click on a link, send a message, etc.), then chances are you won’t be seeing them visiting your event or participating in your contest.

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How does it works?


Create Account

In just couple of clicks, you can create an account with only your name and email. For connivance, you can use your Google, Facebook or Linkedin accounts.


Create a Campaign

Targeting your audience by location, country, or language, and schedule the best timing for your campaigns


Get New Clients

Depending on the products and services you offer, most people are probably not ready to buy based on their first interaction with you. Best practices call for nurturing your leads over time. You need to develop campaigns that allow you to touch your prospects multiple times so you can move them through the sales cycle until they're ready to think about actually purchasing from you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can use Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, Paypal, Skrill, Bitcoin payments system

We are usisng our hugh amount of data on potential client of more than 700M lists ,you just pick the languge & the country of the wanted leads and our system fills the forms.

We have more than 700M lists of potential clients in all languages and from more than 180 countries + you can provide your personal list of emails and use it for the campagins.

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